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  with cruelty free and no animal based products!

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We have been in business for 25 years. 

We have over 28 years of grooming experience.

We will come to your home or office and pamper

your pet with our full line of natural products.

We do breed haircuts, summer shaves or custom haircuts.

         Our regular bath includes:

  • Shampoo plus leave-on conditioner

  • Blow dry / brush out and comb through

  • Nail clipping and filing

  • Ear cleaning / hair inside ear removed

  • Sanitary trim

  • Light trimming- feet, foot pads, around eyes

  • Papaya Mist Cologne

  • Bandana or bows

          Here are a few extras:

  • Haircuts
  • Teeth brushing
  • De-matting    

        More information about our service...
  • We come to your home or office by appointment only.
  • Everything happens inside the van.   *Special outdoor bathing is available. (Please mention when booking an appt)
  • Each van is equipped with a 100 foot electrical cord that needs an electrical outlet, inside or outside residence.  
             For apartments or condos, laundry rooms are often used as well as garages, balconies or entry ways.
  • Warm water is self contained in our vans.
  • No cages!  We hand dry each pet.
  • Our vans are always clean, disinfected and flea free!
  • We can give your dog a breed haircut, summer shave or a custom haircut.  For cats, a lion cut can look stylish
             and keep them from shedding.
  • Our shampoos and conditioners are natural, coconut, vitamin, plant and fruit extract based, cruelty free, biodegradable.
             NO ANIMAL INGREDIENTS! They will leave your pet incredibly soft and silky to the touch with a long lasting fresh, clean scent.
             Our bleach free, natural, whitening shampoo will leave them sparkling. 

          Shampoos and conditioners  (Updated- MAY 24, 2020
  •  HYPO-ALLERGENIC: Organic Aloe Vera, Coconut base, Jojoba, Vitamin A, D, and E   
  •  OATMEAL BAKING SODA: Coconut, Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, B5, A and D. 
  •  FLEA AND TICK::  Clove oil, lemongrass oil, cedarwood oil, sesame seed oil
  • LEAVE ON CONDITIONERr: Plant protein, chamomile, kiwi, vit E, mallow, awapuhi extract 

          Other products:
  • Pet Cologne: Papaya mist- Papaya, pomegranate,mango,kiwi,oatmeal,chamomile,plant protein, vit E
  • Gel Toothpaste:  Aloe vera to heal, condition and deodorize. Flavorless and odorless
  • Ear Cleaner:   Non oily, non sticky, all natural
  • Flea medication:  Advantage II
  • Bows: We have many styles and colors to choose from... including our famous beaded bows that sparkle in the light.
  • Bandanas: Many colors. Holiday bandanas available. -(limited supply)

          General information:
  • If you prefer, we can use your favorite shampoo.
  • We groom all ages of dogs, from five months old to senior.
  • As of November 29, 2020, we will no longer groom cats.
  • For puppiess, the last vaccination in the 4 to 4 1/2 month cycle is required. In adult dogs at least one adult full vaccine is required.  Dogs with cancers and auto-immune problems are exempt from recent  vaccination requirements.
  • We can freshen your pets breath with our antibacterial spray or brush their teeth!
  • Please let us know if you are interested in having your pets anal glands expressed. (this is not part of our regular grooming package)
  • Many dogs have an issue with fleas.  We will use our Flea and Tick shampoo to kill live fleas. Once done, we will pick all dead fleas out of your pets coat to make sure they are gone.  We recommend a flea medication afterward to deter any further fleas. If your pet has many fleas, we recommend treating your house and sleeping area for full protection. We will remove any ticks that are noticed during grooming. If an embedded tick can not be removed or the area is infected, veterinary services may be needed.‚Äč
  • Prices are based on breed, condition, haircut and location. Please call or E-mail us for a price quote.
  • For payment,we exceptCASH, CHECKS or VENMO AND ZELLE,. Returned checks will be charged an extra $25 fee. (fee may change without notice)
  • Payment plans are available and payment through mail is accepted.
  • We offer immediate or next day appointments when available. (not always possible around holidays)
  • Automatic appointments are available. We groom your pet on a specific day of the week automatically (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc) - time of the day may change.  At your request we can send your scheduled dates by mail or E-mail. Changing an automatically scheduled appointment may result in a future schedule change.  Please let us know ASAP if changing an appointment is necessary, we will always try to be accommodating.  If your appointment falls on a major holiday, we may call / E-mail to reschedule.
  • When scheduling an appointment with us, we request the following information: your full name, address, E-mail, type of pet, pet's name and age, current or past medical issues and how you heard of us.  If you will not be present at the appointment, please fill out the CONTACT US form message box with detailed instructions on haircut, style and other preferences.